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The British phone system is highly efficient and poses little difficulty. The biggest problem has been the recent change in area codes and additions to rural numbers throughout Scotland. These changes have added a 1 to all area codes commencing with 0 and all 3, 4 or 5 digit numbers have been increased to 6. This means that some numbers you may see in older reference material will be out of date. However, a recorded message will inform you of the changes to the number you have dialed at no extra cost. Most of the numbers listed in this guide have been upgraded.

Useful Operator numbers on the British Telecom system are:

100 for the UK Operator

155 for the International Operator

192 for UK Directory Enquiries

153 for International Directory Enquiries

The cheaper rate for making international calls is 8pm - 8am through the week and all day Saturday and Sunday. To instigate a call routed through your own telephone credit card company dial 155, British Telecom's international operator and they will connect you. International reverse charge calls (Collect) are also available through 155. When dialling foreign countries from the UK, start with the country code followed by area code then the number. All country and area codes are found in the front part, (section 3), of British Telecom's telephone directory or by calling 153.


To summon the police, ambulance or fire brigade, dial 999 on any phone. There is no charge. It should be used only in genuine emergencies.

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