Clansmen's Crest:
A naked lady holding a sword in her right hand and a palm sapling in her left.
Broadly speaking, the crest is part of the Chief's Coat of Arms while the badge is the plant worn as the Clan symbol just as the thistle is the badge of Scotland. The crest, within a strap and buckle, may be worn by members of the Clan. In no circumstance should a clansman wear the crest without the strap and buckle which indicates that the wearer is merely displaying the Chief's crest.

About the lady:
This particular crest is a rendition by an artist (Tracy Weaver) commissioned by the Bard to create a rendition of the crest more suitable than the "gorilla lady" crests available from most sources. Urquhart men have always loved beautiful women so the artist was charged with the task of drawing a "beautiful lady". I emphasize lady because beauty is truly in the eyes of the beholder. This is not something out of playboy! She represents all the fine qualities of the female gender throughout history. The artist thought she may have been one of the mermaids on the Chief's Arms. That's why her hair has a "wet" appearance. Most comments I have received have been most favorable; for the others I say that obscenity also lies in the eyes of the beholder!


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