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This small branch clan descends from John Og, natural son of Angus Og of Isla, and brother of John, first lord of the Isles. In the 14th he settled in Glencoe, which is a wild and gloomy vale in the district of Lorn, Argyleshire, traditional birthplace of a Gaelic Homer, Ossian. These MacDonalds were known as the clan Ian Abrach. They lived where peacable until the 1692 massacre when governmental spite against all sympathisers with the deposed Stewarts was vented so cold-bloodedly against a clan innocent of any other offence.

The Macdonalds of Glencoe joined Prince Charles on the breaking out of the rebellion in 1745. When the army lay at Kirkliston, near the seat of the Earl of Stair grandson of Secretary Dalrymple, the prince proposed that the Glencoe-men should march at a distance. Indignant at being thought capable of wreaking their vengeance on an innocent man, they declared their resolution of returning home.

Personal account by Shirley McKean Laking, 1927, the great-great-great granddaughter of Hugh the Immigrant, 1753 of her search Seeking Information on Glencoe MacDonalds


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