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With the blessings of the hereditary Chief of the Clan, Captain David Menzies of Menzies, the encouragement of both the parent organization and the American Branch, the Society was founded in July of 1995 to promote, encourage and support friendly social intercourse between members of the Clan in Canada and abroad and to cultivate and strengthen ties of kinship. In addition to this, it is our intention to research, collect and maintain genealogical records of all kinds pertaining to individuals and families bearing the surname throughout Canada for the benefit of the Clan in general and our descendants in particular. By doing these several things we intend to assist the parent organization in Scotland with the preservation of the history, traditions, art, antiques and relics of the Clan. The Clan Menzies Society of Canada has been a member of the Clans and Scottish Societies of Canada (CASSOC) since 1995.

Membership is open to all individuals resident in Canada and abroad who bear the surname Menzies or that of one of its Septs, or who can prove descent from such an individual by way of genealogical information. Life ($500 Canadian) and Annual ($20 Canadian) memberships are available to those interested in joining. Maintaining your membership is important. Among other projects, membership fees are expended to further general research regarding the maintenence and growth of the Clan Menzies Family Archives of Canada and are also put towards the publication of the Society's newsletter.

The Clan Menzies Family Archives of Canada is a growing collection of genealogical information detailing individuals and descendants of individuals, who bear the surname in Canada and consist primarily of Family Charts such as that enclosed in the membership package. All members are strongly urged to fill out the blank Family Chart provided - using as many copies as necessary - to map out their lineage for inclusion in the Archives, wherein additional information and family links may well be found. Additional information such as copies of news items, family anecdotes, wedding and birth announcements, obituaries, photos, letters, military service records, book excerpts and more can be contributed to enhance the collection and will be recorded with the appropriate Family Charts and information. These collections will eventually be copied and forwarded to Scotland for safe storage in the library of Castle Menzies, among other places. The members are strongly encouraged to forward to the Archives copies of "All Things Menzies" that they come across...

The Clan Menzies Society of Canada newsletter, Appin Na Meinnearachh or "Valley of the Menzies", is a quarterly publication issued in January, April, July and October of each calendar year. It contains news of interest to the Clan; notices of events; Birth, Death & Marriage notices; articles and advertisements for products of interest to the members; book reviews and excerpts; and of course, genealogical information. In addition to this, those members who have their own businesses or who can offer services to other members are invited to advertise herein free of charge.

We urge you to assist us in the endeavours outlined above by becoming a member. As a Society working together, we can collectively accomplish what no one person could do on their own. Compiling our common history and passing it on to future generations is an extremely important undertaking. Our heritage should not be forgotten...

Gordon R. Menzies

751 Spragge Crescent, Cobourg, Ontario, Canada K9A 2T6
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UK Clan Menzies Society

All membership applications/enquiries can be submitted to:

The Castle Administrator,
Castle Menzies, Weem,
Perthshire, Scotland PH15 2JD


A. Paton, The Honorary Society Secretary,
C/O Alpaiso, 110 Seaview Terrace, Musselburgh Road
Edinburgh, Scotland, EH15 2HQ

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